Dear Rimjhim/ Bebo,

I know that you can’t read but even I can’t stop myself to write a letter for you. Period.

You were 3 weeks old when you came to us in a little shoe box. A friend was bringing you upstairs to our floor when I happened to ask her, “why are you holding the shoe box so carefully?” she replied “because it has a kitten”. “Sacchi?” surprisingly I said. She opened the box gently and that was the first time I saw you. Scared I was! Never in my life was I close to cats, same goes for the dogs though. But you were cute. The friend who brought you told that you were a rescued kitten and that they tried to search for your mother a lot but didn’t find her so took you along [good decision they took].

IMG-20160112-WA0005You were so small that you would fit into both the palms and just sit there silently. In the next few days, your mom [human mom, here] gave you potty training and I must say you were too quick to learn. Smart cat. Post the training, you never for once made any place dirty. Like how we hold a child and feed milk through the bottle same way we used to give you few drops through a dropper for the first few weeks. And after playing the entire day with us, you used sleep in that shoe box in which we made a hole such that we could insert our finger and you would try to hold it. We loved the game and so did you. Soon it turned out to be a ‘hand enemy’ game [ the name given by your mother]. With time when you became comfortable with us, you didn’t sit with us at one place and started running. I still remember the first path you took which was from one shoulder to another via head. You were so small then Rimjhim and now your size itself is equal to our shoulder length.

There were times when I used to come back to room just to see you and play for sometime. The fun part was the way you used to have your ears back and attack with full force while playing the hand enemy game.Soon there were days when the first thing we used to do in morning was to play with you [even before brushing!]. How cautious we needed to be to open our doors because we knew that you would run away with your superfast speed and hide behind the shoe rack and not come out until we bring something which excites you to come out. One of the things which we always appreciated about you was how you accustomed to our time table of sleeping and waking up. We do acknowledge that when we were busy with our dissertations, you also used to be awake with us till early morning and sleep when we go to bed. IMG-20160309-WA0001

Soon when you learned how to jump, we gave you your ‘adda’- the balcony where you would sit most of the time and see the world beyond those two rooms and the floor. The amazement with which you would look outside the window and watch was similar like a baby who looks at thing for the first time when it comes out of the womb! Watching you doing that was a treat to the eyes. It was such a good feel to have a four legged cute creature on the floor everytime we entered our room.

Rimjhim, you are being missed. A lot.

You have been not less than an angel into my life. You have changed the way the way I look at pets now especially the cats [credit goes to your mom too]. Now that you are in Calcutta after travelling for 38 hours in train, you have become an epic cat.


Thanks for coming into my life. And a big thanks to Sneha, Shruti and Rashmi [Hostel life would have been incomplete without you guys.]

Loads of cuddle,