He was holding a tray full of tea cups to be served to the participants of the workshop. She took a cup of tea from the same tray.While sipping the tea, she asked “Do you work here?”

No, no, I don’t work here. I am an ex-TISSian. Just assisting a friend of mine.

Oh. Okay. So what are you upto these days?

I am going on an all India bicycle trip this year few months from now.

Woah. Seriously? Can you share more about it?

The moment he was about to answer the question, tea break got over. Like other participants, she had to leave but before leaving she exchanged the number. Sure she was to connect with him later.

Next few days whenever they met, hies and hellos were exchanged. A week later she gives a call to him and asks if he is free to meet. He said, yes. In that first conversation with him, he shared his idea, what he plans to do and also things about him. Impressed she was by his honesty. And the frequency of meetings increased as they became friends. They quite often discussed about his dream in great length and general stuff too.

Meet Sachin, a friend who is about to start his all India bicycle trip from April 20 this year covering approximately 25,000 km in a span of 500 days [BTW April 20 being is his birthday!]. He is sstarting this epic trip from a point in Amarkantak where river Narmada begins to flow covering the forests of Madhya Pradesh [Satpura forest being his favourite coz he says this is the place where Jungle Book was shot. Crazy he is about Moghli!] and then Kumbh in Ujjain and further going towards south. Tentative plan of the places he wishes to visit has been marked on the map of India hanging on the wall of his room!

Amazing stories and experiences this person has to share and some will blow your mind. Recently he did a cycle trip from Haryana to Mumbai in 34 days and the experiences were a treat to listen. He has slept in a telephone booth, met thieves, played with leopard cubs, had food at different places and what not.

A lot of people ask why he wants to do this? What is the purpose? Is he crazy? To get the answers, better get in touch with him and to get his updates follow Nowhere Human on Facebook. The name is pretty interesting because when you break the name it becomes- Now here human, to which he says “I kept this name because any place I reach, people ask me from where I am coming and I don’t have one answer to say and I say abhi to yaha hoo!”

Glad that I met you Sachin. One awesome person you are! Feels great to be a part of your team. And as I always say that one thing which builds respect for you is your honesty.

*Haji Ali. Jungle Book. Baljeet ke ghar khanaa. Banana shake. Chembur Childrens’ Home. Melting Pot. Kunal, you, me and tea. Storyteller and ‘Milkha’ of course! :D*

Loads of love and best wishes.