Last month as I completed my 1 year of solo travel cum journey into known-unknown, I penned down some learnings, sharing them here.

– Last 1 year has not been all rosy. I had my own share of breakdowns and phases of depression (Like I say solo travel is not all that glamorous as it looks)

– My greatest asset- The connections I have made, people I have met and stories I have heard. Proud to call them friends and family today.

– There have been challenges at family front. Having grown up in joint family with 20 members under one roof (till I turned 13) has had a different slice of life. The journey with them has not been easy but authentic for sure.

– Till today, when people ask me “What is my purpose of travel?” Or “How long will I travel?”, I don’t have an answer.

– Something I am proud of? Having rice almost 3 times in a day while backpacking in North East India for 7 weeks! (not less than an achievement when my first preference is roti)

– All experiences have been enriching but if I have to choose one, it would be volunteering during Kerala Floods 2018. Working with gram panchayat for close to a week in a village I never heard of, experiencing breakdown, sadness and love was heart breaking and heart warming at the same time.

– Have begun to appreciate slowness. Somewhere, the rush within me has settled, slightly. 

– Have started feeling closer to nature. Now when I walk, I secretly express gratitude to every tree I pass by 😉

– Starting to get in sync with my rhythm, my music which was clouded somewhere.

– It was March of 2019 that I understood ‘Our Deepest Fear’ poem by Marianne Williamson. And surprisingly, I have been carrying that poem with me since last 3 years very close to my heart.

– At some point in journey, felt connection with song ‘Kun Faya’ and cried to it every time I heard looking at the ceiling and fan, lying on bed.

– It does scare me sometimes to not know what lies ahead. But I would choose to live in this uncertainty with love rather than giving up for something out of fear.

– It has been worthwhile, to listen to that ‘element/voice’ in me to give it space to bloom, shine and make me dance, the one which I never did before! For nothing, in this world I would exchange my last 1 year.

Forever Grateful,