Weaving stories across places, faces and spaces!


Nancy Nayak is a solo traveller who prefers to call herself a story weaver. She is weaving stories across places, faces, and spaces she travels. The conversation she strikes with strangers on her path adds soul to her journey and makes it extremely relatable.

When she left her corporate job – the one she loved – to pursue her dream to travel, it was not just about exploring new landscapes; it was the opportunity to connect with people, communities and more importantly with herself that excited her more than anything.

She believes it’s important that everyone lives their truth, and by traveling she feels she is living hers. She says, travelling solo is not as glamorous as it looks like. While there are bright sunny days that fill your heart, there are also those cloudy days when you doubt yourself and encounter various unexpected challenges.

Traveling on a shoestring budget, she prefers to stay in hostels and homestays and seldom travels with a return ticket in hand. Having no answer to questions like, is there any specific purpose to her travel? How long she will continue it? All she could gift to anyone who asks such a question is an innocent smile and an honest “I don’t know”.

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